Monday, November 28, 2011

Quiz Time 8

1)This type of image is called QR code.But what does QR stand for?

2)Wnat is the name of the mascot of KDE?

3)This two founded a very famous company.Identify them and the company which they founded?

4)He is the founder of which Anti-Virus company?

5)What's the name give to people who make their websites on popular domains in the hope to later sell it to the original company at higher price?

6)Its a robot designed to play table tennis with a human being.
Identify it?

7)On which two days Caps Lock day is celebrated all over the world?

8)Identify this lesser known founder of a popular website.

9)The term "Wiki" was coined by whom?

10)In which script Google's current logo is designed?


  1. plz note that answer 4 is John McAfee and not eugene kapersky.

  2. Yes u are right.Sorry for the wrong answers.
    Its indeed John McAfee

  3. hey! thanx fr replying to my cmment.. and can u plz delete ur previous comment wid d answers and post a comment again with the correct answer? bcause most ppl tend to just check the author's answers and do not lookat the corrections, in case there are any.. and also.. it's been quite a while since u have posted a compilation of questions.. i follow ur blog regularly.. plz post a quiz soon.. really eager for more! :)

  4. Thanks for ur support.I am happy that u like our blog.I am posting Qs. now.

  5. The answers are:-
    1)Quic Response Code
    4)John McAfee
    5)Cyber Squatters
    6)TOPIO ("TOSY Ping Pong Playing Robot")
    7)28 June and 22 October
    8)Larry Sanger
    9)Ward Cunningham