Sunday, December 04, 2011

Grand Sunday Quiz 3

2)Who said these famous lines to whom "Do u want to continue selling sugar water for the rest of your life or build a company with me"?

3)Which company recently acquired Sun Microsystems for $7.4 Billion?

4)A tough one
Identify this tech personality
5)MS-DOS is based on which OS i.e. its source code was taken from which OS?

6)Which famous IT personality known for his contributions in making of C language passed recently in the week following the death of Steve Jobs?

7)This is the logo of which international organization?
8)Who coined the term 'Bug' when she/he found that the computer had stopped worked due to a real lady bug?

10)Identify him and also write why he is famous?


  1. 1.harry potter game series has been made with maya which is an autodesk product.
    2.Steve Jobs to John Sculley
    4.ESET ceo - Richard Marko
    5.Quick and dirty OS(QDOS)
    6.Dennis Ritchie
    8.Grace Hooper of COBOL fame
    9.Alan Deusetchman is the author of 'second coming of steve jobs'
    10.john romero-cofounder of id software

  2. You are simply brilliant.All are correct.