Sunday, December 11, 2011

Grand Sunday Quiz 4

1)Identify this and also tell its utility.
2)"One year later,light years ahead" is the tagline of which major technology

3)Identify him and also tell why is he famous?
4)A little known but surprising Question!!!
What is the code name of iphone?

5)Which programming language is called God's Programming language?

6)What was the word of the year in 2007?
(Yes,its related to technology)

7)If u can tell this,the u are simply genius
Connect the following
8) Ezpand MSI ?
MSI is a Taiwanese company that makes motherboards and videocards.

9)Identify him
10)Tenali Raman was India's first 2D television series.It was developed by which company?


  1. 1) Cydia (After jailbreak) - Free apps which are normally paid on the AppStore.
    2) Apple
    3) Andrew Houston - CEO Of DropBox.
    4) I don't know :P
    5) C-Language
    6) Don't know.
    7) Bear once attacked a person's iPhone instead of the person. :P
    8) Micro Star International
    9) Thomas Kurtz
    10) :O ?

  2. Thanks Viswanth for commenting.You got 6 correct!!!
    I wonder why u guys don't comment, if u know even 1 answer then plz comment.Yours comments are solicited.
    3) Andrew Houston - CEO Of DropBox.
    4)Purple 2
    Yes its true.Check it out in wikipedia.
    7)Little Bear is the code name of iOS
    8) Micro Star International
    9)Thomas Kurtz
    10)Toonz Animation