Saturday, December 10, 2011

Quiz Time 14

1)In August 2009, Google announced the roll out of a new search architecture. Itwas designed to return results faster and to better deal with rapidly updated information from services including Facebook and Twitter.Identify this service by google?

2)This is the logo of which famous site founded by Scott Jarkoff?

3)3)A tough one
Name the text translation service by Alta Vista which once was very popular.
Also tell why it is named so?

4)Identify him.He worked for Google and then went on to become CEO of AOL.

5)What is the claim to fame of IBM Watson?

7)Which new optical storage disc was developed by Sony for PSP?

8)This is the logo of which company?

9)What is the name of the company founded by Randi Zuckerberg?

10)Identify him


  1. 1) Caffeine
    2) devianart
    4)tim armstrong
    5)He currently holds the longest winning streak in Jeopardy history
    6)jack ma
    8)matt killian
    9)RtoZ Media

  2. 3. babel fish
    10.i think he is one of the founder of devian art... but dnt remember his name...

  3. It's 'DeviantART'
    3) Babel Fish is named so because it's a hypothetical animal that feeds on brainwaves and performs translations, which is the very same thing the service does too.
    10) Angelo Sotira

  4. Answers
    2)Devian Art
    3)Babel Fish Viswanth got it right.Actually its fictional and first mentioned in Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy- avery famous sci-fi book.
    4)tim armstrong
    5)It was the first computer to participate in Quiz.
    6)Jack Ma
    8)Sony Image Works
    9)RtoZ Media
    10)Scott Jarkoff