Sunday, January 01, 2012

Grand Sunday Quiz 7

1)'X" is perhaps best known for his 1995 prediction that the internet would suffer a catastrophic collapse the following year; he promised to eat his words if it did not. During his keynote speech at the Sixth WWW International Conference in 1997, he took a printed copy of his column that predicted the collapse, put it in a blender with some liquid and then consumed the pulpy mass.Identify X?

2)Identify him

3)Who was the first programmer for Babbage's Analytical Engine and what program did she write?

4)Identify this gadget and why it is famous?

5)Connect AT&T , Sprint & Verizon & C-spire

6)Identify this phone & what is its claim to fame?

7)What is Nomophobia?

8)Identify this new technology by Apple?

9)Most of you haven't observed the full name of Youtube .It is Youtube LLC.
So,what does LLC stand for?

10)Identify it & also tell what it does.


  1. 1.Robert Metcalfe
    3.Ada Lovelace
    7.A fear of being out of Mobile Phone contact
    9.Limited Liability Company

  2. 1) robert metcalfe
    2)deep kalra ..make my trip
    3)lady ada lovelace algorithm for procesing .bernoulli numbers
    4)apple newton pda
    5)wireless carriers for iphone .
    6)htc dream..first android.
    7) fear of getting no network coverage
    8)thunderbolt ...and its from intel ...used in macbooks ..and other apple products
    9)Limited Liability Company
    10) tapulous ..apps for iphone

  3. Varun you got all the answers correct.
    Britto thanks for commenting.