Friday, January 27, 2012

Quiz Time 28

1) MITS made the famous Altair 8800, known as the ‘world’s first minicomputer kit,’ in December 1974. Expand MITS?

2)Identify him and also tell he is the head of which organization?

3)Which present-day tech idol famously announced earlier this year that “The only meat I'm eating is from animals I've killed myself”?

4)Which new feature in Facebook is set to counter the Circles feature in Google+?

5)Identify it

6)The Touchpad & the capactive touch screen are the revolutionary product from which company?

7) This maxi sailing yacht, famous for line honors in the 1998 Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race in which five boats sank and six sailors died.Its worth 500 million dollars.This yacht belongs to which tech personality?


9)Identify him

10)Identify him and he founded which company?

PS-I wanted to know if the questions are getting too easy ?I need u r feedback to make the blog better..
 if u have any complaints,questions,or anything then else then do say.


  1. 1)Micro instrumentation and telemetry systems.
    2)Must be some SOPA/PIPA guy.
    4)Lists I guess?
    6)This one is ambiguous, I say royal radar establishment.
    7)Steve Ballmer?
    8)Xanadu I guess?

    Yeah some feedback.. I'd say.. out of 10 questions 2 easy, 3 medium and 5 difficult.
    I don't like identify questions, I can't remember many people's pictures :D
    I mean , post a baby bill gates, who's gonna identify that?

    So ,the best would be connects.. cryptic connects.. this 8th one is pretty difficult and not many people are going to recognize Coleridge and Kublai khan.

    So, have as many connects as possible, connects are fun and they give a little more sense of accomplishment than textual or identify questions.

    Connects should be a combination of pictures and related text and should be cryptic.
    Some clues for the tough ones should help as well.
    Take a look at some Kryptx questions for good examples.

  2. 1.micro instrumentation and telemetry system
    2.rod beckstorm,ICANN lists
    5.webby awards
    6.factually incorrect question.TouchPad is a tablet frm HP.
    7.larry of the yacht was sayonara
    9.latham sholes or dvorak
    10.ross perot,perot systems

  3. plz dnt go by suyash beheras comments.........its abt exploring more nd more..........nt just lingering abt in d known facts

    1. Dude, Dibyendu, If you post an identify question, anyone can use google's reverse image search to find it. So I think incroporating them into connects is a better idea,
      Connects make you think more, take a look at IIT Kryptx questions.

  4. Thanks for the comments!!!
    1.micro instrumentation and telemetry system
    2.rod beckstorm,ICANN
    3.Mark Zuckerberg lists
    5.webby awards
    6.I meant the touch pad used in laptop :P
    The largest manufacturer of Touchpad and Capactive screen is Syanptics.
    7.larry ellision-name of the yacht is sayonara
    9.Christopher sholes
    10.ross perot,Founded CDS(control Data System)

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