Friday, March 23, 2012

Quiz Time 46

1)Identify the game?

2)Which famous tech personality  gave the concept of OLPC(One Laptop per child)?


4)Walter Bright is the creator of which computer programming language?

5)Who is he?

6)What is this?

7)Which technology has been described as  ‘pixel density is so high your eye is unable to distinguish individual pixels’?

8)This is the logo of which company?

9)"Heaven Blesses Hard work" is  the meaning of the name of which famous Japanese company?



  1. 1. Sim
    2. Nicholas Negroponte
    3. Crysis
    4. D
    5. John McCarthy
    7. 4K
    8. Ubisoft
    10. Python - Guido von Rossum

  2. Thanks Yash for commenting!The answers are:-
    1. Sim 2 logo
    2. Nicholas Negroponte
    3. Crysis
    4. D programming language
    5. John McCarthy
    6.Space Fountain
    7. Retina display of iphone
    8. Ubisoft
    9. Nintendo
    10. Connect is Python 1st pic is its logo 2nd pic is of Guido von Rossum
    & 3rd pic is of Monty Python Flying Circus from which the name python has been taken.

  3. 3.should be crytek.that's more apt.'coz the images are crytek ceo,crytek logo, and a game by crytek(crysis).