Sunday, March 18, 2012

Super Computers

1.Name this great computer pioneer.

2.Padma and Yuva are ranges of super computers belonging to which series?

3.Name the fastest supercomputer operating in India and name it's parent organisation.

4."Game Over" is a film based on which famous event?

5..Which amazingly fast supercomputer's name means 10 quadrillion?

6.Name the award winning project started by IBM which aims at making a super computer which will achieve the speed of 200 petaflops with 15 times less power consumption.

7.Name the supercomputer built by NEC which evaluated the effects of global warming by running global climatic models.


9.What is this?

10.Name the super computer present in NSC,China whose name in English translates to Milky Way?


  1. 1.seymour cray.
    3.virthili by isro
    5.japan's super computer the K
    6.bluegene simulator?
    8. looks like the golden bell awards (how's it related to supercomputers)
    10.tianhe ( milkway no1)

  2. Thnx for commenting.
    Here are the answers
    1.Seymour Cray
    2.Param Supercomputers
    3.Saga 220
    4.Deep Blue defeating Gary Kasparov
    5.K super Computer
    6.Blue Gene
    7.Earth Simulator
    9.Gordon Bell Awards