Sunday, April 22, 2012

Quiz Time 54

1)Identify him

2)Name the recently launched version of the famous game series Angry Birds?

3)Who coined the term Bluetooth?

4)Identify the logo and why was this company recently in news?

5)Name the fictional hacker in the famous 'Matrix franchise" who was portrayed by Keanu Reeves?

6)This was to commemorate which event?

7)Who is the best paid CEO of 2011 overtaking Larry Ellison by almost 200 Million $ :P

8)Identify the logo

9)What is the name of the tablet by BSNL?

10)To what would u associate this poster?

Hint-Harvey Bell


  1. 1. Paul Otelleni
    2. Angry Birds Space
    3. Someone at Ericsson
    4. Instagram. Instagram the app, was recently bought by Facebook.
    5. The Matrix (Just a wild guess, I know nothing of those guys)
    6. Earth Day. The black google uses less than 50% of the power the actual google does.
    7. Tim Cook
    8. Sony Ericsson
    9. Penta BSNL
    10. Smileys (First use of Smileys in an ad)

  2. Note on 3rd Question: Bluetooth wasn't coined by anyone. It is named after a Danish King called Herald Blatant (Bluetooth is how Blatant is pronounced)

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  3. Awesome! You got all correct.
    But here's a note
    3.Bluetooth was indeed coined by someone and that's Jim kardach.
    Read this article by him where he describes the naming of Bluetooth
    If u still don't believe me then check out Blitz where's its specifically written.

    5.If u get time then plz see Matrix.Best movie i ever saw :)