Sunday, April 01, 2012

Apple Inc. Special


2.On whose book was the commercial headline '1984' based upon?

3.Who is he?Why is he significant in the world of Apple?

4.Which product in the world of Apple can be connected to this?

5.How do we know him better?

6.How are Oaf Tobark and Berkeley Blue better known today?

7.What happened on January 9 , 2007 in the world of Apple?

8.Who is the person on the right hand side?

9.Odyssey is a book based on the work and life of which person in the world of Apple?

10.Name this ill fated product from the world of Apple.


  1. 1. Steve Jobs
    2. George Orwell
    3. John Rubinstein
    4. Macbook Air
    5. Mac
    6. Oaf Tobark - Steve Jobs ; Berkeley Blue - Steve Wozniak
    7. Apple Computers Inc. changed to Apple Inc. and the iPhone was announced.
    8. Mike Marrkula
    9. John Sculley
    10. Apple's Puck Mouse. (Apple Mouse which came bundled with first generation iMac)

  2. Vidit got all correct except for 1....
    Its Ronald Wayne.
    He designed the first apple logo.
    He worked at Atari after leaving Apple.
    He also joined Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory soon after.