Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tough Time 2

These are some of the toughest Qns ever from the series Quiz Time.If u can answer these then you really are a techno-wiz.

1)Which special type of resistor is being developed at HP which will exponentially increase the store capacity in modern-day computers?


3)On which Questions and Answers website would u find Steve CaseMarc AndreesenDustin MoskovitzJimmy Wales and Justin Trudeau ?


5)Which famous tech personality offered to buy Microsoft for # 15 million but the deal broke up when Bill Gates demanded  $ 60 million ?

    IBM logo.svg

7) Some of the earliest innovations of this tech giant include computing scale, dial recorder & a time clock to record a worker's arrival and departure time on a paper tape.This company was formed as a result of merger by Charles Ranlett Flint. Identify the company?

8)Who in 1999 let the oppputunity to buy Google for $ 1million go by ?
It was foolishly really :P

9)Identify the logo

10)Big Bear,Little Bear, and Purple are the codenames associated with which popular device?
Hint-Its very popular but very few know its codename :P


  1. 7 & 10 are correct
    Come on Guys comment!

  2. Thanks Surya Narayanan for commenting.
    Ok,the answers are:-
    2)Xanadu-Ist pic Samuel Taylor Coleridge who wrote a poem on Xanadu,2nd pic-Kublai Khan whose summer palace was named Xanadu and 3rd pic Microsoft,whose founder's house name is Xanadu
    4)1st pic-DropBox,2nd-Reddit,3rd-Trip Adler(scribd)
    These are companies which have been funded by Y Combinator
    5)Ross Perot
    6)1st-Bill Gates,2nd-Gary Kindall , 3rd-IBM
    Gary Kindall wrote OS for IBM which could have replaced Windows but he missed the meeting and hence the contract which changed the history
    8)George Bell
    9)Mr. Game & Watch