Monday, June 18, 2012

Tough Time 3

1.Which company has pioneered low cost ISD calls at just Rs 1 which also has the tagline "makes sense" ?

2.Name the revolutionary floppy drives invented by Steve Wozniak that were first used in the Apple Lisa which had twice the data rate of existing disks and also employed technologies like motor speed control.

3."Seize the minute" is the tagline of which venture?

4.Which potential popular app has been developed by Involver Games?

5.Who's the Simpson's new neighbor?

6.What did Tim Berners Lee say he would like to change in this world which he defines as unnecessary and that it contributes to the loss of extra hundreds of tress each year?

7." A Hyper Connect Peek at the world of Weblogs" is the tagline of which IT personalitie's book?

8.What did Amon Hovaida create in this world that has become an internet rage ( more of a scam :P) ?

9.Identify the startup.

10.IScream is an SMS forum on which popular gaming site?


  1. 1.Videocon??
    5.Stephen elop?
    6.Double slash in http
    7.Evan williams??

  2. Thnx Surya Narayan :)
    Here are the answers:
    2.twiggy chocolate
    4.Game of nerds
    5.Julian Assange
    6.The double slashes
    7.Biz Stone