Thursday, July 26, 2012

Quiz time 72

Q1. Which search engine's codename was 'KUMO'?

Q2. JaxtrSMS is a free messaging service started by which IT personality ?

Q3. Raj Reddy was the first Indian to get it it and Judea Pearl is the last person to get it . What did they get ?

Q4. This company was found as Presidio Media in the year 2007 ? How do we better know it now ?

Q5. Whose slogan is : " The content free encyclopaedia which anyone can edit " ?

 Q6  . Who designed the WEBBY AWARDS in 1996 ?

.Q7.  Machibuse (Ambusher) , Kimagure (fickle) , Otoboke (stupid ), Oikake ( chaser) are      the    monsters of          which game ?

Q8. How do we better know the social networking site of Baidu Inc. ?

Q9. What is unique about the song Tom's Diner by Suzzane Vega ?

Q10.    Luvid Strigeus is the original author of which file sharing site ?


  1. 1,Bing
    2. sabeer bhatia
    3.Turing award
    5.uncyclopedia? shlain
    10. utorrent

    2 sabeer bhatia
    3 turing award
    5 uncyclopedia
    6 tiffany schlain
    8 baidu space
    7 pacman ?
    9 first song to be played as mp3 frmat ..under the instructions of karlheinz brandenberg
    10 utorrent !
    ~pagalpatrakar part2

  3. 1. Bing
    2. Sabeer Bhatia
    3. Turing Award
    4. Zynga
    5. Uncyclopedia
    6. Tiffany Shlain
    7. Pacman
    8. Baidu Space
    9. 1st Song to be coded to MP3 format (also called the mother of MP3)(Coded by Karlheinz Brandenberg)
    10. utorrent (mu torrent)

  4. 1.Bing
    2.Sabeer Bhatia
    3.Turing award
    6.Mary something
    7.Angry birds?
    10.U torrent