Friday, September 28, 2012

Quiz Time 85

1)In July 2011, access to X were blocked in India for Reliance Entertainment customers, after a court order was obtained, citing illegal copies of the 2011 film Singham on file hosting sites.Xis an online Hong Kong–based company established in 2005.Identify X ?

2)Identify this image hosting site?
ImageShack Logo

3).psd and .ai files are used in which popular software ?

4)What does this image depict ?

5)What is the 3D analogue  is a 2D pixel better known as?
Hint-Yes,there's a name!

Hint-1st pic is of hockey puck
Its in  front of you

7)Who is known for coining the word "Word Processing" ?

8)Who is the first  Indian to win the Godel Prize ?He got this for his discovery of a polynomial-time approximation scheme.He has won it twice!

9)What is the name of  handwriting recognition system used in PDAs based on the Palm OS ?

Tim Berners-Lee,Marc Andreessen,Eric Bina,Kevin Hughes,Lou Montulli 


  1. 10.rockmelt
    7.matt mullenweg
    2.image shack

  2. 1. Mega Upload
    2. Image Shack
    3. Adobe Photoshop
    4. Difference between Vector and Bitmap images
    5. Voxel ??
    6. Apple Magic Mouse ??
    7. IBM's West Germany Laboratory in 1960
    8. Sanjeev Arora
    9. Graffiti
    10. People who are inducted in the World Wide Web Hall of Fame

  3. 6. Apple Puck Mouse

  4. Thanks all for commenting!
    Sohamlive gets all correct.
    Just one minor correction 6)Apple Puck Mouse