Monday, November 12, 2012

Quiz Time 95

1)What  officially began on November 24, 2003 under the name Project Sourceberg and has an Iceberg as its logo?

2)Id the logo

3)Marathon series,Myth Series and Halo series are games from which video game developer?

4)What started initially as  called "Project Muscle".Within a few years  it was renamed "Chemcor".Its find large applications in today's world.Identify this technology ?

5)What is "Stevenote" ?

6)Id this historical place

7)Mike Bergman, founder of BrightPlanet, is credited with coining of which  phrase?

   EMC Corporation logo.svg
9)X is officially known as  IEEE 1394 interface.Popularly known as i.LINK and Lynx.
What does Apple call X ?

10)How do we today popularly know TKK aka Totsuko aka Tokyo Teletech ?


  1. 1. I think it is Wikisource, not sure though.

    2. Need For Speed

    3. Bungie and 343 Industries (just saw the Halo part)

    4. Gorilla Glass by Corning

    5. Keynotes given by Steve Jobs (it's kinda obvious)

    6. It would be the starting place of some company, can be Foxconn, Samsung, Philips, Sony etc.

    8. Phil Katz (created the .zip extension)

    9. Apple Thunderbolt

    10. Most probably Sony.

  2. 1) Wikisource
    2) Need for Speed (new logo)
    3) Bungie
    4) Gorilla Glass
    5) A Steve Jobs keynote
    6) Headquarters of 'Samsung Sanghoe'
    7) Deep Web
    8) Iomega
    9) FireWire
    10) Sony

  3. Thanks all for trying!
    Shubhankar Seth get all coreect
    1st pic-Daniel bernoulli,iomega's product Bernoulli Box Drive was very famous
    2nd pic-Zip is another storage device by Iomega
    3rd pic-EMC2 acquired iomega in 2008 and 4th pic-Its the logo of iomega