Thursday, April 11, 2013

Quiz Time 111

1-In the popular TV series 'THE FLINSTONES' what household gadget did a baby woolly mammoth
function as?
2-What feature was developed under PROJECT TITAN for the users of facebook?
3-How do we better know the android tablet developed by Pakistan Aeronautical Complex and the hong kong based company INNAVTEK?
4-With whom did Karl Ferdinand share the 1909 Nobel Prize in Physics?
5-Which engineering company was started in 1894 as collboration between TATA Sons and VOLKART brothers?
6-Which company's first advertising slogan read "You press the buton and we do the rest"?
7- Which company used to own Togethervillie ,a social networking site exclusively aimed at children below the age of 13?
8-Since 1980, technical standards for audio compact discs are collectively known as 'Blue Book'. TRUE or FALSE?
9-Id the browser which shows this error message when it runs out of memory?
Hint-Very Popular
10-Dax Networks Ltd, part of Apcom Group in Chennai, has in collaboration with i-peaks an ISP  has made a project, making it the only of its kind in the world as well as in INDIA.what is it? 


  1. 1) vacuum cleaner
    2)web mail?
    3) Pacpad?
    5) Voltas
    6) Kodak
    7) Facebook
    9) Crome?

  2. WIFI in Dal Lake

  3. 10) WIFI in Dal Lake

  4. 9. google chrome