Thursday, April 11, 2013

Quiz Time 111

1-In the popular TV series 'THE FLINSTONES' what household gadget did a baby woolly mammoth
function as?
2-What feature was developed under PROJECT TITAN for the users of facebook?
3-How do we better know the android tablet developed by Pakistan Aeronautical Complex and the hong kong based company INNAVTEK?
4-With whom did Karl Ferdinand share the 1909 Nobel Prize in Physics?
5-Which engineering company was started in 1894 as collboration between TATA Sons and VOLKART brothers?
6-Which company's first advertising slogan read "You press the buton and we do the rest"?
7- Which company used to own Togethervillie ,a social networking site exclusively aimed at children below the age of 13?
8-Since 1980, technical standards for audio compact discs are collectively known as 'Blue Book'. TRUE or FALSE?
9-Id the browser which shows this error message when it runs out of memory?
Hint-Very Popular
10-Dax Networks Ltd, part of Apcom Group in Chennai, has in collaboration with i-peaks an ISP  has made a project, making it the only of its kind in the world as well as in INDIA.what is it?