Saturday, July 06, 2013

Quiz Time 122

1)Which Japanese company's name has been derived from its founder's first inventions i.e.  the Ever-Sharp mechanical pencil ?

2)Id this google tool that allows you to search keywords in million of books?

3)Which  programming language developed by Google in hopes of eventually replacing JavaScript as the language of modern web apps?

4)X, then a doctoral student at MIT, created the program Sketchpad in 1963. The program is considered to be the father of modern computer-aided design (CAD), and a predecessor to graphical user interface — found in all computers, phones and MP3 players.Id X ?

5) X's first product were bicycle lamps named as National.It got its name from the television sets made for the US market.Identify X ?

6)Id him & what did he invent?

Logo blueonwhite.jpgMicrosoft Outlook 2013 logo.svg   

9)Relate to a websit "Fast beautiful Photo Sharing" ?

10)What is so unique/special about this phone ?


  1. 1. Sharp Corp.
    2. Google Ngram Viewer
    3. Dart?
    4. Ivan Sutherland
    5. Panasonic
    6. Chuck Hull, 3D Printing
    9. Instagram
    10. Luxary Phones?

  2. 8.Yahoo acquired Xobni for more than $60 million.

  3. 1. sharp
    10 VERTU

  4. 1. Sharp Corp
    3. Dart
    5. Panasonic
    6. Chuck hull 3D Printing
    8. Yahoo acquiring Xobini
    9. Instagram
    10. Nokia - Vertu

  5. DWITI KRUSHNA DAS24 August 2013 at 16:25

    Answers are
    1. Sharp Corporation
    2. Google Adwords (Keyword Tool)
    3. Dart
    4. Ivan Sutherland
    5. Panasonic
    6. Charles W Hull (aka Chuck Hull): Inventor of 3D Printer
    7. (No Question 7)
    8. Yahoo acquired Xobni whose 1st product was for MS Outlook
    9. Instagram
    10. This is Goldvish Le Million. It is a Replica of the original Phone {only few are manufactured}. Claimed to be one of the Most Expensive Phones.