Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Quiz Time 126

1. If PS3 : RSX 'Reality Synthesizer' then XBOX: ? (Hint:-RSX is graphics card)

2. Connect 

(Hint-Open Sea)

3. Which law states that 'The cost of a semiconductor chip fabrication plant doubles every four years.'?

4. Identify 
5. Fusion, Vishera and Phenom are the processors from which semiconductor giant?

6. Identify this device-

7. Which company is developing a project that aims  to bring internet access to everyone by creating an internet network of  flying balloons ?

8. X is a  is a private educational organization founded by Sebastian Thrun.The origin of the name comes from the company's desire to be "audacious for you, the student". Identify the company.
9. Identify this product from Microsoft-

10. X is a  technology that allows graphics and photos to be smoothly browsed, regardless of their size. X is powering Microsoft’s Silverlight, Pivot, Photosynth and many other applications.Identify X.


  1. 1. Xenos
    2. Gaikai
    3. Moore's Second Law
    4. Jython (it's NOT a programming language, it's a Python runtime on top of the JVM)
    5. AMD
    6. Glass?
    7. Google/Project Loon
    8. Udacity
    9. SenseCam
    10. DirectDraw?

  2. Thanks for the comment
    Here are the answers:-
    1. Xenos
    2. 1st pic-Logo of Gaikai, 2nd pic-Sony Computer Entertainment
    Gaikai means "OpenSea" hence the hint.Connect is that sony has acquired Gaikai to build their own new cloud-based gaming service
    3. Moore's Second Law
    4. Jython
    5. AMD
    6. It is Airscouter,a VRD device released by Brother Industries in August 2011.
    7. Google/Project Loon
    8. Udacity
    9. SenseCam
    10. Seadragon