Thursday, May 22, 2014

Quiz Time 133

1-Called as the 'synthetic synesthesia of the sixth sense' ,this thing is a neckworm gestural interface developed by Steve Mann. Initially called as aremac.What's the new upgraded name?

2- First of its kind was used in trojan room coffee pot at cambridge university.commercially was first started by connectix(later sold its rights to logitech in 1998).How do we use this technology today?

3-Also referred to as 'red chips', started in the year 1984 by only 10 number of engineers had their first tagline that read as "Transcendence depends on how you think."this company also plans to bring its smart televisions under the brand name 'Le tv'. About which company am i talking about?

Identify this guy..??

5-Google buys 6% stake in lenovo as a part of motorola deal.what is this joint venture called as?

6-Which  was the world's first stored-program computer to operate a regular computing service?


what is this from google claim to fame?

8-Ford sync is an initiative by FORD to provide factory installed integrated in car for entertainment and telephone that allows users to make hands-free telephone calls, control music and perform other functions with the use of voice commands. This is a venture of FORD with which company?

9-Expand WiMAX ?

10-Id the company
Telstra logo.svg

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  1. 1.WuW
    4.Satya nadella
    9.Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access