Sunday, March 04, 2012

Quiz Time 41

1)Which famous technology company's first product was a rice pressure cooker?
(Ans is totally unexpected .I didn't believe at first :P but its true

Da Vinci's Notebook. 

Hint1-The connect is a famous tech personality.
Hint 2-Codex Leicester

3)This is the morse code symbol for what "· · · — — — · · ·" ?

4)Identify him and he pioneered which technology?

5)What is the storage medium developed by Sony and is used in PSP.It has a capacity of upto 1.8GB

6)Who is he and he founded which company?

Hint-Its a Dutch company.


Hint-The 1st pic is to confuse u :P Nevertheless you can logically connect it by using last two.

8)Which company currently owns the Bell Labs? It was earlier owned by At&t.

     Compact disc.svg
Hint-See hint only if u need it for it destroys the beauty of the question.
White Book,Scarlet book,Orange book,etc

10)If 8 bits is a byte then what is 4 bit better known as?

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  1. 1) Toshiba
    2) Bill gates owns dat book Leonard da Vinci
    4) he's a google guy d research guy.. dont knw d name :P
    5) UMD
    6) Philips
    8) Alcatel - Lucent
    9) Yellow Book
    10) Nibble

    2.billgates code?
    4.krisna bharat
    6.gerald PHILIPS
    7.bsnl t-line and a tablet .. so penta tablet?

    2.bill gates...he owns codex leicester which was a notebook of da vinci who was the painter of the last supper
    4.krishna bharat of google news
    7.bsnl's version of low cost tablet the tpad
    9.standards for cds

  4. Thanks all for commenting.The answers are:-
    Toshiba manufactured very famous line of rice cookers but as far as i know its first product was not rice cooker.But Sony's first product was Rice Cooker.
    2.bill gates...he owns codex leicester which was a notebook of da vinci who was the painter of the last supper.codex leicester was bought by Bill gates in 1994 for $30 million .
    3.You must be thinking i am mad to ask u to decode a morse code symbol,but its pretty popular!It is the international symbol for SOS.
    4.krishna bharat of google news
    5..gerald philips-founder of philips
    6.umd(Universal Media Disc)
    7.bsnl's version of low cost tablet the tpad.Fist pic is T-pad its related to physics :P
    9.Connect is Rainbow Book.The Rainbow Books are a collection of standards defining the formats of Compact Discs.Red book,Orange Book,Scarlet Book are coming under this.

  5. @ Siddhartha, Bro
    Some of us know to convert Morse code even (although its very very rare in the world)
    Still good

    you are of course true its 'SOS' i.e., ' ... ' for S;' _ _ _ ' for O & then S repeated.

    *(For further info only, don't mind any body)

  6. It is also posted in Quiz Time 38 (The total Morse code conversion)
    But the fact is I know how to convert Morse code 6 years back.