Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Quiz Time 42

1)Name the pioneering computer video game for Digital Equipment's PDP-1 originally written by MIT student Steve Russell?

2)Identify him and he is the founder of which website

3)"X' is a web browser.X is the open source version of Google Chrome.It  doesn't support flash and PDF.Identify X?


Also mention how u arrived at the connect .

5)Rapier, Merlin, Ozone and Magneto have all been codenames for which ongoing Microsoft product?

6)Who is he and he is popular for doing what?

7)In computer hardware,where can u find MOSFET and  capacitor.

8)Identify him 

9)Expand MMORPG.

10)Which famous British scientist implanted a chip in his arm  becoming the first human-cyborg?


  1. war
    2.kevin rose of digg nd milk
    4.sun microsystems
    open solaris developed by sun.
    pratt developed the original logo.
    sun stands for stanford university network mobile
    6.napier's bones
    7.motherboard,ups etc etc
    8.divya narendra
    9.massively multiplayer online role playing games
    10.Kevin Warwick

  2. You get all correct!
    MOSFET and capacitor are found in RAM(this is written in my school book class 11)But i don't know whether they are found in ups,motherboard.So,the benefit of doubt goes to u!