Thursday, March 15, 2012

Quiz Time 44

1)What is the codename of the next major release of Android after Jelly Bean ?

2)What is the claim to fame of this iphone app?

3) Managed by Cold Brew Labs, which happening website's mission statement is ‘connect everyone in the world through the 'things' they find interesting'?

4)Identify him

Hint-Father of Video Games

5) "Entertainment your way" is the tagline of which French Multinational?

6)What is the successor of Oneiric Ocelot named?

7)What is this  level of Pacman known as?

NB-Actually Pac-Man was designed to have no ending.But due to a software bug this level is the last level.

8)Who is going to replace Howard Stringer as the CEO  of Sony?

9)What does this pic depict?
Horizontal rectangle video game screenshot that is a representation of a game of table tennis. 

10) Which British video game publisher name literally means "Species" in greek? 

11)This question is just for fun.(pun intended)

2nd pic is of  Mt.Everest.
You have to establish a logical connection between these apparently different things!


  1. 11) 1st pic is George Boole, founder of boolean algebra

    just a guess... boolean algebra: 0s and 1s

    mount everest, in this pic, black and white!!


  2. 1.key time pie
    2.25 billionth app downloaded from the apple app store
    4.ralph baer
    5.archos-founded by henri crohas
    6.precise pangolin
    8.kazuo hirai
    9.pong-video game race
    10.Feral Interactive?
    11.mary everest? boole's wife?

    1. abe its key lime pie ....

  3. Thanks all for trying!
    Susovan M got all correct.
    11)A minor clarification.In 1855, George Boole married Mary Everest, niece of Sir George Everest, after whom Mt. Everest is named.Hence,they are connected.
    & 10)Eidos