Wednesday, March 14, 2012


1.Name the book that made Peter Norton earn the title 'That guy in the pink shirt'?

2.Name the famous thriller published in 1998 with the tagline "Who do you trust?"?

3.Name this man whose books  have turned out to be major gaming sensations.

4."Free as in Freedom" is a biography of which revolutionary person?Also name the author.

5."Chum lo jahaan ko" is the enthralling autobiography of which Indian entrepreneur?

6."Computer Geek to Cult Icon" is the tagline of which international bestseller?

7."From a few notes scribbled on a notepad to the invention of a new industry" is the intro to which person's biography?

8.This is a page from the famous work of which person?Also name the book.

9.Name the famous comic book series written by Alan Moore that has inspired a famous hacktivist group.

10."Hard Drive" is a national bestseller based on the life and work of which person?


  1. 1.Programmer's guide to the IBM pc
    4.Richard Stallman
    5.Subroto Bagchi
    9.V for Vendetta

  2. 3. Tom Clancy
    7. Ralph Baer
    8. Etymologiae by Saint Isidore

  3. Thnx for answering.
    Here are the answers
    1.The Peter Norton Programmer's guide to the IBM pc
    2.Digital Fortress by Dan Brown
    3.Tom Cancy
    4.Richard Stallman
    5.Subroto Bagchi (go kiss the world's hindi version)
    7.Ralph Baer (father of the video game industry)
    8.Etymologiae by Saint Isidore
    9.V for Vendetta
    10.Bill Gates