Monday, March 12, 2012

Meme Nation

1.For starters, who coined the term 'meme' and used it as a tool to explain evolutionary spread of ideas and cultural phenomenon?Also name the book in which it was first published.

2.Name the function held at MIT every two years as a convention to discuss and display internet memes.Also name the webcomic which inspired the event's initiation.

3.Name this popular image board website.Also name the creator who says that going through his site would melt your brain.

4.Who created this tool of harassment?

 5.X has been claimed to be created by 'insight'.It comes in a variety of ranges like mucho and 4pane.X is a spanish term and means 'I like it'. Identify X.

6.Y was created from a certain 'photo of the day' of the Guardian by joyjoejoe99.It carries the face of Z and is used in situations when some event surpasses one's expectations.Identify Y and Z.

7.Name the basketball player whose face has inspired the voraciously used 'bitch please' meme.

8.Who is he?What is his claim to fame?

9.What do you call a person who creates an fake online identity for the purposes of trolling,heckling or in general for the purposes of deception?

10.A person provided you with a link which is seemingly related to the topic you are discussing.But when you clicked on it you were led to a site with Rick Astley singing Never Gonna Give You Up.You were just_____?


  1. 1) richard dawkings ....waow zindagi me pehli bar naam yad rha
    ‎3) 4chan ..anonymous came from here..the second part idk
    5) me gusta
    6) i guess ..the meme with hands raised up ..i dont remember the name
    7)yao ming ...namans fav :P
    8) munroe cats ..xkcd
    9)troll ??? ( vague guess )
    10) rickrolled :D ..never gonna give u up :D

    by the way ..great to see that someone compiled a quiz on this topic questions

    1. 1,3,5,7,8 and 10 are correct.Thanx for the attempt :)

  2. Gud start dibs hope u carry on lyk dis...:D

  3. Here are the answers.
    1.Richard Dawkins in his book The Selfish Gene
    2.ROFLCon.............. inspiration for the conference was the September 23, 2007 meetup of fans of xkcd with its creator in a park in North Cambridge, MA.
    3.4chan created by Christopher Poole a.k.a moot
    4.trollface was created by a devianart user called Whynne gusta meme
    6.X-the 'not bad' face Y-Barack Obama
    7.Yao Ming
    8.Randall Munroe of xkcd fame