Sunday, September 09, 2012

Quiz Time 81

1)He is the inventor of the handheld calculator and the thermal printer.He worked at Texas instruments and is the winner of Nobel Prize in Physics. Identify him ? 

2)Identify him

He is the first and only Indian to get  IEEE medal of Honour(as far as i know).Still no one knows him !

3)Who coined the term weblog and how do we popularly know it today ?

4)"Delivering lifestyle" is the tagline of which Indian e-commerce site ?

5)Id the logo

6)X was established by Mukesh Bansal & Ashutosh Lawania in February 2007.X is headquartered in Bangalore.
It deals in fashion and casual lifestyle products.
Identify X ?

is an online shopping service by which tech giant ?

8)Expand PDP and which company manufactured it ?

9)Identify him

10)What is the music-oriented social networking and recommender system service developed and operated by Apple popularly known as ?


  1. DWITI KRUSHNA DAS9 September 2012 at 12:51

    1. Jack Kilby
    2. Dr. C Kumar N Patel (Ya, The only Indian to Get IEEE Medal of Honour in 1989 for developing many kinds of LASER Applications)
    3. Jorn Barger ; Weblog is now popularly known as BLOG.
    5. Texas Instruments
    8. Program Data Processors (Developed by DEC-Digital Equipment Corporation)
    9. Colin Needham (Co-Founder IMDb)
    10. iTunes Ping

  2. Hello EDITORS where is Quiz Time 80s Answers.