Thursday, September 13, 2012

Quiz Time 82

1)Which person is credited to be the designer of Intel 4004?

2)Which famous company was founded as Presidio Media?


4)"A place for friends" is the tagline of which website ?

5)Which company has banned "Siri" in its office to prevent secret data getting leaked?

6)Id him and he founded which company?

8) X is called as " Lisp without the parentheses ".The first implementation of X was called called Ghost.The goal of X is to create a math land where kids could play with words and sentences.
Identify X ?

9)Which Indian gave the famous slogan "Roti, kapda, makaan aur bandwidth" ?

10)Id this apple product?
Power Mac G4 Cube


  1. 1) Federico Faggin
    2) Zynga
    3) Ashok Soota
    4) Myspace
    5) IBM
    6) Deepak Puri - Moserbear
    8) Logo - Programming Language
    9) Dewang Mehta
    10) Power Mac G4 Cube

  2. a place for friends is linkedin

    1. Its MySpace.Its written on the logo