Sunday, December 30, 2012

Quiz Time 103

1. It is an Internet Cryptography company started by Sameer Parekh and is now owned by Redhat. Name it.

 2.Whats This?

3. "I've been working to create an interactive television my entire life. I always knew it was a way of bringing computers to average people."Who has said this and with respect to what?

4. Identify-
5. Identify the device from its Slogan- "Makes life fun, makes you happy!"

6.  X is the project by Gujarat Government aimed to modernise land administration and to enable farmers to manage this crucial resource better. X enables farmers to access their land records, obtain copies of ownership documents and even apply for ration cards. Identify X.

 7.  What is this initiative and by which country?



  1. 1. C2NET
    4. G Play
    7. Pakistan Aeronautics Corporation. So country must be Pakistan

  2. 2. Clavier
    4. Google Play
    7. Pakistan Aeronautics Corporation, country Pak

  3. 1. C2Net
    2. (Looks like) A Chiclet Keyboard of an Calculator.
    3. Steve Perlman w.r.t. WebTV (A device to use Internet in TV)
    4. Google Play
    5. QRIO
    6. Project e-Dhara ???
    7. PAC-PAD Tablet by Pakistan Aeronautical Complex By Pakistan

  4. Dwiti Krushna Das has got all of them..:)