Sunday, December 30, 2012

Quiz Time 104


The KMPlayer icon (since v3.2).png           
2)X was launched in  January , 2005.X is geared towards providing a large archive of freely searchable video.It lost its importance because of Y which is another similar service.Finally it was shut down in August , 2012.
Most of the videos on X were in .gvi format.Id X and Y ?

3)What is this?

4)Which was the world's first large-scale programmable electronic digital computers, the first becoming operational in December 1943 ?

5)Identify him

6)X X is  a Japanese PC variant, built by Fujitsu.It started as a proprietary PC variant intended for multimedia applications and PC games.The name was an homage to Charles Hard Townes, one of the winners of the 1964 Nobel Prize in Physics.Id X ?

7)Id him

8)What are these Lorenz SZ40SZ42A and SZ42B ?
They could have changed the history of the world :P

9)Id this game

10)What was OXO in the context of gamming ?


  1. 2. youtube and daliymotion
    4. ENIAC
    9. Pong?


  2. 1. KM Player was acquired by Pandora TV
    2. X- Google Videos & Y- Youtube
    3. Looks like a Scytale Cipher (Is it???, Link with IT?)
    4. Colossus
    5. Samir Arora (Founder NetObjects)
    6. FM Towns
    7. Gaurav Dhillon (Chairman & CEO of SnapLogic)
    8. C. Lorenz's Cipher Machines
    9. Spacewar (easy)
    10. A Game for EDSAC (soft ver. of TIC TAC TOE, O & X)

  3. Thanks for commenting.
    Dwiti gets all correct.
    Scytale Cipher is an encryption scheme.It was used by Spartans for encoding.I read about in a book on Alan Turing.This inspired him to research cryptography.