Friday, March 15, 2013

Quiz Time 108

1. Which entity is this documentary about?

2.Whose organises this annual one-day conference?

3.What is the display all about?

4.X was started by Sherrod DeGrippo in 2004 . The founder says X was founded in the " spirit of Ambrose Bierce's The Devil's Dictionary ".The slogan of X reads "In lulz we trust" . Identify X.

5.Identify the site from this poster.

6.Identify the person.Why was he in news recently ?

7.What was launched with this introduction ?

8.Which entity has recently launched this  service ?

9.What does the term zombie network/botnet mean ?

10.Identify the theme.


  1. 6)new head of android os
    8)kim dotcom mega

  2. 1. ThePirateBay-Away From the Keyboard
    2. Techcrunch
    3. Webbys Acceptance speech is limited to 5 words only
    6. Sundar Pichai-new head of Android
    7. Note 10.1?(not phone dimensionish)
    8. Kim Dotcoms Mega?
    9. Send spam,used for DoS attacks
    10. Audio not loading

  3. 2microsoft
    6)new head of Android,replacing Andy Reuben
    7) Samsung
    8) Merriam Webster

  4. 2) TechCrunch
    3)Webby's Acceptance Speech which accepts onlyy five words.
    4)Encyclopedia Dramatica
    6) Sundar Pichai, new head of Android
    7) Galaxy Note 10

  5. Great work friends. :)
    Here is the list of answers.
    3.Webby Speeches ( As Aakash said it is limited to 5 words only)
    4.Encyclopedia Dramatica
    5.Pagalguy founded by Allwin Agnel
    6.He is Sundar Pichai . He took over the Android divison at Google.
    7.Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
    9.Any compromised network used for spamming,DDOSing etc
    10.The Tetris theme

    P.S- Sorry for the delay.