Friday, March 22, 2013

Quiz Time 109

1-Which great tech builder is the software and hardware contractor for NASA?

2-AT&T's system v and University of Berkeley version 4.2 are two major types of what?

3-What's "HOME BUS SYSTEM" in the context of  artificial intelligence?

4-What type of boot is called when a computer is switched off and switched on?(Hint-sense of touch)

5-What does CP/M stands for?

6-GCOS is an operating system designed for the computers of which company?

7-"KALPANA", "COLUMBIA" and "PLEIDES" are types of what machines developed by NASA?

8-Gemini digital computer was the first of its kind.What was it? and Who developed it?

9-What is his claim to fame ?

10- Which was the 1st Indian company to be listed on NASDAQ?