Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Quiz Time 110

1. Connect
Appleworkslogo.png             KeynoteIcon.png

2. If   Google's : PicasaCyberLink's : MediaShow... then  Apple : ?

3. Altius  is the code name of which recently launched device ?

4. If GSM uses TDM(Time Division Multiplexing) then what  does CDMA use for communication of data ?

5. ALOHAnet inspired which popular networking technology?

6.What is the dubious claim to fame of this product ?
Google Reader logo.png

7. 'X' is a competitor of Google search. Its a Chinese website and is the most visited website in South Korea according to Alexa. It is owned by 'Y' who have also created the 'QQ'. Identify X and Y.

8. Which online designer eyeglasses retailer supported numerous bad reviews of his website saying "each bad review boosts my site's PageRank, meaning that the site comes top of Google's ratings for many of the products I sell"?


  1. 1. Office suites from Apple? (Keynote is bundled with iWork and Appleworks has been discontinued, though)
    2. iPhoto
    3. Galaxy S IV
    5. Ethernet
    6. Google Reader - is being discontinued
    7. X: Baidu [but QQ is a product of Tencent, and they don't own Baidu]
    8. Vitaly Borker (DecorMyEyes)

  2. Splendid answers!
    4th answer is CDMA uses spread spectrum technique