Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tough Time 11

1. What is his claim to fame?

File:Charles Ranlett Flint.jpg

2. What is this?

3. Name this.

File:IOS Maps icon.png

4. X is a specialized instant messaging program and service that allows unlimited texting to other Apple devices running iOS 5 or later. Identify it.

5. In context of Apple Inc. what is Lightning?

6. What is so special about this?

7. Identify the device-

8. Which recently launched device boasts of a Poly-Amide glass fibre casing which makes it water resistant and allows immersion under 1 metre of fresh water for up to 30 minutes?


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  2. 3. Wifislam - recently acq . by apple inc.
    4. mobile me??
    5. thunderbolt??
    6. osborne 1
    8. sony xperia z

  3. 1. Founder of Computing tabulating company later merged to IBM
    2. VaporMg , the image is of a Microsoft Surface torn down.
    3. Apple Maps
    4. iMessages (works in the messages app for iOS and iMessage app on OSX)
    5. The new digital connector that they replaced the 30pin analog connector with. Connects your iPod/iPad/iPhone to a computer / charger.
    6. Its a Samsung PC.
    7. Apple Quicktake Apple's first foray into the world of digital cameras.
    8. Sony's Xperia Z