Sunday, May 26, 2013

Quiz Time 114

1.Identify this application-

2.Founded by Sunny Balijepalli, it is a website that allows you to build and print personalized 'photobooks' and do all the creativity stuffs with photos. Identify the recently launched website.

3.Identify the game from the screenshot-

4.X is a privately held Internet Domain Registrar and Web Hosting company founded by Bob Parsons.Identify X.

5.The movie 'Takedown' is a fictionalised account of which legendary hacker's capture by FBI?

6.Who is called as a 'googleganger'?

7.Put Funda-

File:Virgle Logo.png

8.Identify this app-


  1. Flipboard Agent Dash Yelp are the apps. May be some contact between virgin mobile and Google

  2. 1. flipboard
    2. with josh kopelman
    3. agent dash
    4. godaddy
    5. kevin mitnick
    7. google april fool prank
    8. yelp

  3. 1. Flipboard
    3. Agent Dash
    5. Kevin Mitnick
    6. A namesake who shows up when you Google yourself
    7. Project Virgle [Virgin + Google] to colonize Mars(Google's 2008 April Fool's joke)
    8. Yelp