Saturday, June 01, 2013

Quiz Time 115

1. Put Funda-

2. What is this?
File:Unity logo.svg 

3. 'Lifebook' range of computers is owned by which IT major?


5. X is a Taiwanese multinational computer hardware and electronics company co founded by Ted Shu and MT Liao, now led by Jerry Shen. Identify X.

6. Founded by Beny Alagem , it is a computer hardware manufacturer and now is a subsidiary of Acer. Name the company. (Hint : HP)

7. Which first person shooter game has the protagonist named Jack Carver, who is an ex special forces operator?

8. Identify this person. (Hint : He coined the term Meme)


  1. 1. SOPA bill
    2. UI by canonical
    3. fujitsu
    4. docomodake
    5. Asus
    6. Packard Bell Electronics
    7. Far Cry
    8. Richard Dawkin!

  2. ^^ Unity is not a UI, but a Desktop Environment. Completely different things.

  3. Deepit Unity is an UI for the GNOME Desktop environment.

  4. Here are the answers...
    1.The notice by the US government on the megaupload website after it was seized under SOPA.
    2.Unity UI by Canonical.
    4.Docomodake the Mushroom, mascot of NTT DoCoMo.
    6.Packard Bell
    7.Far Cry
    8.Richard Dawkin
    Thank you for commenting and answering..